5 Affiliate Marketing Commandments

Affiliate MArketing

1.Understand your target audience.

In order to be a successful affiliate marketer in Malaysia (or anywhere else in the world), you need to focus on knowing your target customers. Remember, the most successful strategy to utilize affiliate programs is to promote services and products that match the wants and needs of your target audience.

Take into consideration the reason why they are coming to your website, following your social media channels and joining your email marketing list.

2.Be helpful.

Consider affiliate ads as extra resources that complement your web content. Provide value by making your blog posts more useful, helpful and informative. Don’t include a list of your favorite beauty products, hoping some people would click on the affiliate link, and buy the books, so you can cash on the sale.

Write a detailed affiliate review, and utilize affiliate ads to lead them to the right direction. Having personal testimonials and case studies are even better.

3.Be credible and trustworthy.

Don’t break the trust of your readers by promoting products you don’t believe in. Readers nowadays are savvy, they know if you are taking advantage of their visit by putting too many ads. They would leave, and wouldn’t come back.

Keep in mind that your repeat visitors are the ones driving more traffic. They give linkbacks, recommend your website and spread the word about you.

4.Produce timeless content.

Your old blog content can still become valuable and beneficial even though it’s no longer at the front page. Leverage on the long-term opportunities of timeless, relevant content by updating older content. Make them relevant again by adding the links of your updated articles. Regularly updating old blog posts is an effective way to maintain and improve your search engine rankings.

5.Pick affiliate programs and products carefully.

Go through the different products in different affiliate programs. Check which products you love the most, and the ones you would love to use yourself. Moreover, change all the ads around them often. Don’t hesitate to explore different text and graphics, in order to see which ones are effective.