6 Clever Tips in Keeping Your Home Cool


1.Use lightweight linens.

Invest in good-quality, lightweight cotton bed sheets. Lightweight cotton fibers improve airflow during your sleep, and leads to a lesser stuff experience compared to those of synthetic varieties. Choosing colorful, visually-appealing ones can also help improve your bedroom interior design.

2.Go for a green home.

Are you looking for an interior design firm in Malaysia? Make sure to hire professionals who can help you build a green home. Plants which are placed strategically placed can make a big difference in a hot home.

3.Use fans instead of air conditioning.

Air conditioning units are good, but what if you can’t afford to keep them running day and night? Consider reverting to humble, old fans. Do you have ceiling fans with some speed settings? You can adjust it, so you can rotate it counter-clockwise.

4.Unplug appliances when they are not in use.

By unplugging appliances which are not in use, you can avoid unnecessary heat. Do this even if they are not operational. Electrical outlets still emit energy, producing more heat.

5.Insulate your home while blocking the sunlight.

Keep your curtains drawn and your blinds closed in order to avoid unwanted heat. Believe it or not, blackout curtains are good investment pieces which are worth the investment. They naturally insulate your home while still blocking sunlight.

6.Sleep much lower to the ground.

According to research, heat rise from time to time. Thus, if you. have a low-laying bed, you can put it on the ground to ensure a cool evening slumber.