After Giving Birth: 5 Important Things You Should Know


Motherhood is a challenging and overwhelming experience. One day, you find yourself shopping for baby jogging strollers in Malaysia, and then the next week you are dealing with breastfeeding problems. Plenty of things may happen, both emotional and physical, days after giving birth to your little one. Here is a quick guide.


Moms breastfeed their babies one hour after giving birth. In the beginning, you will produce little amounts of quality colostrum for the baby. By the third day, you will breast milk. Usually babies go through 8 to 12 feeding times each day. This is the normal routine. However, you can feed her anytime she wants to feed.


At first, you wouldn’t really get plenty of sleep each night. The number one baby sleep advice for parents is to try to catch up on sleep every time they have a chance, whether it’s night or day.

3.Emotional changes

After giving birth, you may go through some changes in your emotions. At times, you would feel down. Sometimes, you would feel elated. Being sensitive, teary and irritable are normal some days after birth. Health care professionals call these baby blues. If you don’t feel better in around 2 weeks, seek professional help.


Entertaining visitors at home who want to see your little one is fun, but can also be tiring. Make sure to manage the number of visitors each day. If you are feeling exhausted, it’s perfectly okay to avoid visitors to get some rest.


Take note of your baby’s immunization schedule. It’s possible that some vaccines will be offered before heading home. Mothers may also be offered measles, mumps and MMR shots before going home, if you failed to do so while you are pregnant.