Bizzare Lobster Facts



If there’s one thing that any lobsters lover knows for sure, it’s that this crustacean is absolutely delicious — especially when paired with warm, melted butter. Other than that, most of us don’t know much about this bottom-dweller of the sea. And there might be a reason for that.

A bit of research on lobsters reveals that they have a bizarre past and are known to exhibit some unique behaviors (for instance, they pee from their faces).

8 Facts of lobsters

1. The lobster female takes off her clothes (as in shell). Then the lady must throw away their shell in order to restore a larger one in order to grow. During this precarious time, the women lobster can choose to mate and shackle the men from ten days to even two weeks, before they decide that it is safe. Only then they will continue on with their new shell. A female lobster could hold up to her sperm for two years before it was used to fertilize her eggs.

2. Lobsters can pee straight outta their own faces. They have nozzles that release urine right beneath their eyes. As a means of communication and bonding, they will urinate in each other’s mouths, often while fighting or mating.

4. Lobsters have two bellies. One in the head and this one literally has teeth! This belly does the work of smashing the meals. The second one is positioned behind the first and extends into the abdomen. It helps with digestion.

5. One lobster claw can have a tension weighing 100 pounds per square inch. Be very aware since a lobster weighing 21 pounds, it’s claw is capable of cracking a man’s arm.

6. In an emergency, lobsters will remove one of their limbs and grow it back during a time of molting. In an average lifespan of lobster they mold and regrow their shells almost thirty times.

7. Lobster was nothing short of a cuisine throughout the seventeenth century. It was so plentiful that pigs were fed the flesh, and the shells were used as fertilizers. Laws have also been enacted that forbade citizens to feed the slaves or inmates lobsters more than three days a week.

8. Lobsters are cannibals. If there are not enough sources of food, they will fight until one of them is dead and the winner will eat the loser. It is kinda fearsome to hear but it is the reality now and scientists believe this is because of climate change.