Dark Sides of Some Rich People


Dark Sides of Some Rich People

Who doesn’t want to be rich? Or who doesn’t want to have all the food prepared on your bed and walking out with bodyguards around you? I bet all of us have ever been dreaming of these. Most of us will be amazed every time seeing a well dressed man or ladies come out from a Mustang or Porsche.

Plus, in this sophisticated era of technology, people get even more blinded with the lies on social media. One thing that people don’t seem to realize is social media is not reality. What we see on social media don’t always describe a person’s life as a whole. Sometimes, we are quick to be impressed with rich people that show off their wealth either in real life or on social media.

Not to say that you can’t make someone an idol, but I think that most of us will be surprised with this fact about some rich people. Again, “some rich people” and not all rich people. Yes, the fact that they have their dark sides that not everyone knows.

  1. Addicted with gambling

Not many know that gambling addiction is the rich man’s disease. I said that not many know because people have the notion that most gamblers came from poor or financially unstable families. When a rich man is addicted to gambling, their addiction is way more severe than gamblers from a low income family. Plus, in this era of modern technology, there are many casino websites on the internet that further encourage these rich people to gamble online. Visit this website, https://v3casino.com/ or this best slot casino in malaysia.

Why are rich people addicted to gambling?

The idea is simple. The richer someone gets, the more lonely he or she is. So here we can see the perks of being someone who is not too rich. This is because people that are not too rich tend to have more quality friends while the rich often socialise only with the person who is as rich as they are.So, being rich, what’s more that these rich groups yearn from? But, the problem is that all these luxuries actually separates them from the others with low income.

The point is that although rich people have all these luxuries, deep inside their hearts, they also crave to have fun with friends such as drinking and gambling. They are not gambling to earn money. They are gambling just to get the idea of having fun and  socialising which give them satisfaction. To make it worse, they did not need to worry about losing the gamble as they have money to keep playing even if they will never win. If they win, that will be a bonus for them to get happy as their friends will look high on them. Furthermore, society would not worry for the rich that addicted to gambling as they have the money if they want to get help in stopping the addiction.

They have money, class, want more money

2. Involved in bribery

When we are talking about bribery, there will be two scenarios which are giving bribery and receiving bribery. The worst part is that some or most rich people did both. We can see these scenarios always debunked on the news, especially politicians. Most people assume that all these rich politicians are good leader because they never know the dark sides of rich people.

Why are rich people involved in bribery?

There are actually many factors that lead rich people to involve in bribery. Firstly, they have money but they still want more money. More money means more wants. Research found out that after someone has achieved what they want, they will think of what other things that they want after that. Really, even if you have a billion dollars of money, it will still not be enough for you. 

Secondly, rich people give bribery because they are rich and so that they have a class. People will not say anything bad if the person is rich. This is just because they have the money and they can do everything. People respect them. This is the actual scenario that not many of us know. For example, they are lots of cases where parents give bribes to college just to get their children into international competition.

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