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Decorating The Exterior Of Your Home

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When it comes to designing your new home or renovating your existing home, there are many things you would need to consider. Usually people tend to think so much about the interior of the house that they actually forget the exterior decoration. Yes, the interior does require a lot of time and effort but keep in mind that the first thing people notice is the exterior.

exterior decoration

This is why you would always want to plan the design of your house wisely. Keep in mind on all angles and aspects of the house. You would definitely want the exterior of your house to reflect it’s interior. Colours play a huge role as well when it comes to exterior design, pay close attention to your surroundings, plan how you want to arrange your garden and avoid making the outside of your house look cluttered with too much exterior decoration 

Below are a few tips to help you decorate the exterior of your home:


Always plan ahead especially if you’re considering on painting the outside of your house. Be sure to pay close attention to the weather and if you have kids in the house be sure to plan around the times they would be running around. The best way to decorate the outside of the house is to do it part by part. Do not rush and try to complete it all in one day. A very important tip is to paint during the beginning of the day as it gives enough drying time.


Exterior colours may be hard to choose. People usually would want to match the outside colours with the inside, which isn’t wrong. However, bare in mind that darker colours absorb heat faster. So if you’re living in a hot country like Malaysia ensure that you pick light colours. Have fun playing with colour blocking. Once you have selected the main colour of your house. Plan the rest of of exterior decoration to be an opposite colour that would be in contrast. A huge tip is that, minimalistic hues can make a huge difference. 

exterior decoration


Keep in mind of how much space you have. A garden may seem like a cute idea but do not overflood the outside of your home with too many of them especially if there is limited space. As I have mentioned before, avoid making the outside of your house too cluttered. Plan on how you would like your garden to look, try arranging your plants in a way that pleases the eye. I know a lot of Malaysians love growing plants but it’s always best that you ensure it looks pretty as well.

exterior decoration

If you’re new to gardening but would still want to have a pretty garden get some help or read on a few gardening tips before planting your garden.


This is very important. Do not think about exterior decoration if there are repairs to be done. The reason is because, you would probably have to re-do certain parts once the repairs are completed. So be sure you check all parts of the house before decorating it. 


If you’re decorating your interior and exterior around the same time be sure you plan how much you’re going to spend on each area. It is also important to know your limits and priorities. Buy your exterior decoration at reasonable prices. Even if you are just doing the exterior, do not spend beyond your limit. Sometimes there are even diy solutions to your problems so be sure to look them up. 

exterior decoration

Hopefully these tips will help you get a better idea and feel of decorating the outside of your house. Mostly importantly remember to have fun while you’re at it. Exterior decoration may take up a lot of time and effort but it’s worth it as receive compliments and praises from your neighbours. Plus living in a home that is pretty inside and out would make you feel good too. However, if you need further guidance for decorating ideas or you think you can’t do it alone, seek help. By getting advice from home decorating experts, it will help you speed up the process.