Familiarizing Catfishing and How to Avoid Becoming a Victim


First of all, what is catfishing and where do you usually meet one? Catfishing happens when one will fake his identity so that he can get something from a person. This usually happens in dating sites, but there are also times when one will meet a fisher in a social media platform. When one is catfishing, he is most probably interested in stealing something from a victim like his identity so he can extort money. 

Catfishing is now happening often. More and more people online are victimized by different fishers and thus, the online platform is becoming unsafe. The thing is, you can’t really easily spot a fisher or else, this should not become a threat. But of course, if you are vigilant and if you are alert, you can still be safe from such nuisance. 

So, are you scared you might become the next victim of catfishing? If that is the case, you might need some of these tips:

  • If you happen to be talking to someone for the first time and you are wary about him because he seems to be different, you should make a research. Check out if the information about himself is real and check out his contacts as well. If his pic is not really his or if his supposed friends don’t know him at all, like you can’t really find someone who knows him well, you might want to stop communicating with him. 
  • If you meet this person in a dating site, you should check his profile picture. If it looks like a stock pic, there is a chance he is not really real, or his identity is fake. In the “about” section, check out his details. If you can hardly find anything about him, that is a red flag as well. If his stories seem inconsistent, like you wonder if he is lying or just forgetful, that is a red flag as well. 
  • Never give away your personal information to someone who is just new to your network. You should familiarize his identity first and in fact, even if you think he is real, you should still not easily give your personal details like your phone, address and so on. 
  • Never send money to someone you just met online. Trust me, usually, you are not doing a good deed but are just condoning their bad habits. This is usually the case with fishers, they con people so that at the end of the day, they can extort money from them. They will usually play with their emotions like saying they have this family member who is very sick, and they need money immediately to send them to the doctor. Don’t fall for these stints as these are already quite common. 
  • It would be best if you can video chat with the person for you to see if he is really the one in the picture. At the same time, you can also get some hints on how they will respond with your questions. Of course, you have to be alert, to notice as well if they are just scamming you or not. 

Indeed, there are so many bad people both online and offline. If you have kids, this can be quite burdensome since cannot easily tell them not to be online, considering that the digital world has a lot to offer. What you can do is be online as well so you can guide them. 

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