High Chair Buying Guide


The correct high seat can help make nourishing a baby feeding progressively charming for both of you. Be that as it may, with such huge numbers of highlights, styles, and materials accessible—also spending contemplations—choosing the right high seat can appear to be overpowering.

The primary concern is you need a durable, stable high seat that can confront overwhelming use, spills, and normal cleaning. You additionally need to think about whether you support a high seat structured principally for use in the home, or a multipurpose model you can take in a hurry.

Maybe you incline toward a seat that can be adjusted as your youngster develops from an infant to a school kid.

To ensure your high seat buy addresses your issues, test models at a store. Mid-estimated high seats are a decent worth and can offer the best mix of helpful highlights.

To sharpen your pursuit, utilize our high seat purchasing manual to comprehending security includes just as configuration factors that are imperative to you.

The Lowdown on High Chairs

High seats are regularly intended for use from early stages to three years old, with a top weight farthest point of around 50 pounds. Here are some significant elements to think about when shopping:

Wellbeing First

Wellbeing highlights are a top thought. Search for these fundamental segments: A groin post; a wellbeing limitation framework with a five-point saddle; wheels that lock set up (or a seat that doesn’t have wheels); and if it’s a collapsing high seat, ensure it won’t squeeze your fingers when shutting.

Style and Design

From traditional to contemporary, high seats arrive in a scope of stylistic theme improving styles. Some are practical—movable plate with dishwasher-safe additions make for fast cleanup; situates that lean back to various positions are helpful when bottle-nourishing and seat statures that suit you’re developing infant are an or more.

(Stature alteration can be similarly helpful for the parent; you can bring down the high seat to coordinate your seat, enabling you to sit while sustaining the infant.) Others are out and out functional, for example, high seats that convert to supporter seats when your youngster is prepared to sit at the table. In the event that space is tight, consider a seat that folds or has a little impression.

Ensured Is Best

An affirmation sticker demonstrates that the producer has satisfied wellbeing guidelines set by ASTM International (some time ago American Society for Testing and Materials) and that it participates in a confirmation program directed by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. JPMA affirmation can give some degree of confirmation that the item fulfills wellbeing guidelines, however, it isn’t an assurance that it does.

Get together and Returns

You probably won’t comprehend what high seat will best suit your youngster until you attempt it. Keep your receipt or pressing slip. On the off chance that you get a high seat as a blessing, ask that a blessing receipt be incorporated.

Some high seats require gathering and can accompany a larger number of parts than you may expect, or can be dubious to assemble. In case you’re not convenient, you should purchase a high seat that comes completely amassed.

Mull over Secondhand

We suggest purchasing or tolerating a recycled seat. On the off chance that you do, get the model name and date of assembling—which ought to be on a name for all time appended to the seat—at that point check www.recalls.gov to be certain the seat has not been incorporated into any wellbeing reviews.

High Chair Types

High seats have grown up and a portion of the more up to date ones are pressed with highlights. You’ll discover the highlights for every high seat in our Ratings on the highlights and particulars tab on each model page.

Conventional High Chairs

This class incorporates essential models to very good quality models. Implied basically for home use, customary high seats are not intended to overlap for movement, or change into in a hurry kid seats. Essential models make great second high seats to go out.

Stars: Top-end models will, in general, have a sleeker, increasingly upscale look. Some have better quality texture or styling and offer more noteworthy customizability. There’s a perpetual determination of models, materials, and highlights.

Cons: High-end high seats don’t really convey top quality; more affordable models can be similarly as strong. Watch for distending or generally separated legs that can be a stumbling danger.

Furrows in the formed plastic of the plate or seat can trap nourishment and earth. You need twofold activity hooks, which are increasingly hard for a youngster to fix.

Multipurpose/Modular High Chairs

These high seats have a base and a seat unit with a plate. Whenever required, the seat unit can be lifted legitimately off the seat outline (with or without the plate) and lashed to a grown-up eating seat to fill in as a sponsor situate.

As your kid gets more seasoned, the promoter plate can be expelled and the seat base drew nearer so your kid can feast at the table.

Aces: You can conceivably situate two children with one high seat by utilizing the base for the more established youngster, and the high seat/supporter for the more youthful one.

Cons: Many particular seats have a base that doesn’t overlay.

Develop with Me High Chairs

A Grow with Me high seat is a seat, quite often built of wood, that changes over to a baby or youth seat (ages 3 to 5 years), with certain models enduring into youthful adulthood (or as much as 175 pounds or more). Not every single wooden seat does each of the three transformations, however, this style is picking up in fame to some extent because of their plan stylish and versatility.

Experts: A seat that fits numerous formative stages. The style, more like furniture than another bit of infant gear, claims to numerous guardians.

Cons: Seat stature is balanced with a hex key/Allen wrench so you’ll have to keep that device helpful inconclusively. High seat change packs or “infant sets” can be clumsy to utilize. Separating can be tight with the seat stage in the assigned position(s) for use with an infant set.