Is Gambling Worth the Risk?


Millions of people around the world regularly enjoy gambling in its different forms from video poker to online casino games. There are even more people who enjoy gaming on a less frequent basis, maybe just visiting casinos every now and then or making the odd wager on a huge sporting event or a big horse race.

On the other hand, a number of people still consider that gambling is a colossal waste of time and money. That’s good, because everybody has the right to their own opinion, and gaming is not always for everyone. Unless somebody doesn’t want to bet, otherwise they shouldn’t be allowed.

Besides the people who enjoy gambling and the people who have no interest in it at all, there are almost certainly people who are fascinated by the idea but not really sure if it is something they would do. If that sounds like you, you should find this article helpful.

We can’t really give a definite answer to the question of whether gambling is really worth it or not. We would certainly not want one, because we firmly believe it depends on the individual asking. There are certainly many who would say it is worth gambling but also many who would say it is not.

We give you the information in this article which will help you decide for yourself. They list some of the major gaming pros and cons, and then they look at some of the other variables that you need to know.

Gambling Pros

  • Can Win Cash
  • Entertainment
  • Easy to Play
  • Variety of Games

We should note, before we get into the specifics here, that people enjoy gambling for a whole host of different reasons. Which of these explanations should be considered the most important pros is up for debate, but the four that we have selected to address here are, in our opinion, the most influential. Nonetheless, you will note that there are other pros too.

The ability to win money is obviously a very enticing feature of gambling, and it would be hard to argue against this being one of the main reasons people choose to gamble. After all, the whole point is pretty much that.

It’s not just the fact that winning money can also make gambling so attractive, it’s the fact that winning money can be a reality for anyone. There are some ways of gambling where learning such tactics and skills will increase your winning chances, and perhaps even make you a regular winner if you’re good enough, but even a complete novice has the chance to win. You don’t need to be either a math genius, a sporting specialist or a card shark, you just need luck.

Yet gambling is not just about the money. Most people play simply because they’re just loving it. It is a great entertainment type and it can be a lot of fun. Based on the pure excitement, in our view, there are few pastimes to compare. It is fair to say that if it wasn’t for the fact that there is actual money at stake, it wouldn’t be as thrilling, but that doesn’t mean that everyone sees the money as the most important factor.

Another good reason to try out gambling is the simplicity with which you can proceed. You don’t really need to learn much about playing in a casino, making a sports bet or engaging in a game of poker. You’ll have to grasp a few basic concepts, but nothing is overly complicated. If you want to be a more serious player, you’ll definitely want to learn more about what’s involved, but as a novice, with just a little experience, you can really enjoy gambling.

The last pro that we will list is the different types of gambling. Sports betting and casino games are typically what most people have in mind when they talk of gaming, but there are also plenty of other styles. Poker, bingo, scratch cards, and lottery are also available to name a few popular ones. With all these to explore, there is a good chance you’ll find some form of gambling you’re loving.

Gambling Cons

  • You Can Lose Cash
  • Winning Consistently is Too Difficult
  • Individuals May Not Agree
  • Prone to Addiction

Gambling is not all about positive things, because it certainly has downsides to be made aware of too. Knowing these is significant, as they may convince you not to become interested in gambling in general.

The most apparent gambling con is the fact that you can lose money. In reality, with some forms of gambling, you’re almost guaranteed to lose long-term. Casino games are the best example of this, since they have a house edge installed that gives the dealer an advantage over the participants. Occasionally, or even regularly, you may get lucky and win in the casino, but the odds are against you and you are very likely to end up losing over time.

Although the odds in some other forms of gambling aren’t quite as severely stacked against you, you still need to be prepared to lose. The truth is most gamblers are doing so. If you’re gaming or playing with money you don’t mind losing then this doesn’t have to be a concern, but remembering that gambling comes at a cost to most people is still important.

Of course, as we mentioned earlier, it is possible to win money too. Another negative aspect of gambling is that successfully doing so is very difficult. Anyone can get lucky every now and then but it’s completely different to regularly make money off gambling. You may need to put in a tremendous amount of time and effort and you will need a lot of discipline as well. With some kinds of gaming it’s virtually impossible to consistently win.

Another thing to consider is that many people don’t approve of gambling. While it’s not really anyone’s business if you spend money but yours, you may not understand the criticism. This is likely to be the case especially if it comes from someone close to you. It is a shame that some people equate gambling with such a negative reputation, but sadly it is just the way it is.

Perhaps the fourth and final drawback we can list is the main reason why so many people disapprove of gambling; it can be very addictive. It could be only a relatively small percentage of the gamblers who end up being addicted, but it does. It can cause major problems like any drug, and eventually even wreck lives.

How to Decide

Now that you know the main pros and cons of gambling, you will judge for yourself whether it’s really worth it or not. It essentially comes down to whether or not YOU are right. We can’t advise you any way, and will not, but we can help you make the call.

What you need to do first is take careful note of the pros and cons we discussed above. If the pros clearly overshadow the cons in your opinion, or vice versa, then it should be relatively easy to make your choice.

You may want to ask yourself the following questions, if you’re still not sure.

  • Were you ready to gamble loses on winning chance?
  • Would you think gambling really is something you’d enjoy?
  • Do you want to waste the spare money on gambling?
  • Will your family and friends approve of gambling?
  • Do you have to bet responsibly on the discipline?

When you answered yes to all of these questions then it is very likely that you should try to play gambling. When you replied no to any of them, then you might have to say it’s not really worth it to you.

We agree very much as seasoned gamblers ourselves that gaming can be an extremely enjoyable pastime if done responsibly. We’re all fully aware, however, that this is not for everyone.

Our website is filled with information and advice that will help you get the best experience if you decide to play, but if you have any reservations whatsoever, we will suggest you take the safe option and look for some other way to spend your time.