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The Beginners Guide to Mechanical Watches

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Watches have been used by many people for many years. It first began as a device to simply show time but over the years we have watched them grow into fashion must haves. From working adults to college going students we all want to be able to keep up with the current trends and stay in style. The latest trend right now are mechanical watches.

What are they?

So what are mechanical watches? These watches basically function using a clockwork mechanism compared to your standard quartz watch which functions electronically. Instead of using a battery, these watches operate by a mainspring. The watches are required to be hand-wound from time to time.

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The spring stores energy and then transmits its energy through a sequence of gears and springs. The movement or caliber of a watch is basically what makes it tick. As for mechanical watches the movement causes the second hand to move in a smooth sweeping motion instead of individual ticks. 

However if you get the automatic watch which is basically a mechanical watch that gets its kinetic energy from the wearers wrist.The manual winding will not be needed as the mainspring will be wound automatically from the wearer’s natural movements. The automatic watch works with a metal weight called a rotor that is added to the manual parts of the mechanical watch. What the rotor does is, it can rotate freely while connected to the movement. Then, it spins with each movement of the wrist, transferring the energy to the mainspring and the mainspring will be automatically wound due to the transfer of the energy.

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The advantages of owning a mechanical watch is that it does not require a battery. Isn’t that great? Well, the answer is certainly yes as it would require minimal maintenance. Furthermore, watches that use battery could stop at anytime without a warning while these mechanical watches would last way longer.

Another advantage is that if you maintain these watches properly once every 3-5 years they could last a lifetime. This literally means you will not have to purchase any other watches unless of course you want to collect a few with different styles. However if you’re thinking in terms of longevity then these watches will definitely be the perfect investment for you. 

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You might also be thinking why would I need a mechanical watch right now, if my phone can tell the time as well. Yes true your smartphone does have the time feature as well but having a mechanical watch goes beyond just telling time. It’s distinctive and comes in unique styles. 

If you have an eye for craftsmanship you will certainly love the way these watches look. The mechanical watch of your choice will usually reflect who you are. Those who own several watches will definitely agree that mechanical watches look more elegant, stylish and special as compared to other watches. 

Where to get them?

These watches can be found in many places. If you’re thinking of getting these watches as gifts or even for yourself there are a few places in Malaysia that offer them including Fossil and Tissot unless you want something a little more newer and stylish. In this case you should definitely checkout Ciga Design. They offer a wide variety of mechanical watches that are crafted to perfection. Their watches have won a few awards and now they been established globally too.