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Top 3 Books You Should Read If You Have Complaints All The Time


Do you know that people who complain all the time are called chronic complainers? It is a headache for people around you because you will always be complaining about simple things to big things that happened to you. If this is a bad habit for you, try harder to get rid of it because it does not only affect those around you. It can even affect your own mental health because feeling unsatisfied with something all the time will bring your mood down and make you feel restless. There is even a possibility that there’s nothing to complain about, but you still do as you feel unhappy. It is recommended that you talk more to people and have them help you see the positive sides of things. Besides, this habit could also come from you never feeling grateful for everything you have around you. Thus, you can try a new method so that you will be grateful for what you have now, which is reading. 

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Here are the top 3 books you should read in order to avoid being a chronic complainer.


The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins)


Despite the hype this series has for the strong female character like Katniss, the story revolves around a corrupted country where justice and fairness has been thrown out of the window a long time ago. Reading this will make you feel grateful for the peaceful country you are living in. Even if the government has flaws, you can still have a life of freedom without being forced to sacrifice your life. If we think more about the series, it must be hard for the characters to live in an environment where sending young people to a ruthless tournament where only one is allowed to survive. The humanity in that universe is thin, or non-existent at best. Despite having a happy ending, the nightmares and horrible memories will remain. 


The Fault In Our Stars (John Green)


Reading this book will definitely make you complain less about your life. You will feel grateful for your health as the story tells about 16 year-old Hazel Grace, living her life with thyroid cancer. The disease required her to bring her oxygen tank with her all the time. One time, she went to a support group where you have to share your story and get support from each other. There, she met and later fell in love with an amputee named Augustus Waters. Major spoiler warning: Augustus’ cancer returned and he died at the end of the story. Hence, reading this is a great way for you to shed some tears over their tragic love story and stop your complaining habit.


Bridge To Terabithia (Katherine Patherson)


Written in 1997, this book is about a couple of young children named Leslie and Jesse who get to know each other after Jesse lost a footrace to Leslie. Their friendship continues to grow as they both create their own imaginary kingdom, which Leslie named ‘Terabithia’. These children have a good life and bright future ahead of them, so you might be wondering how this book will make you feel grateful for your life? Another major warning spoiler: Leslie died in the book as she was trying to cross a tree which they made as a bridge to get to the place they called ‘Terabithia’. She sustained a head injury during her fall and drowned right after. Not trying to make you sad, but don’t you feel grateful for the opportunity of having your friends close to you now? 


Last Words


These are the top 3 books you should read as you try to get rid of your complaining habits. Read these and compare their lives with yours, it will definitely let you see the good in everything. You will realise that there are more important things in life than money, job and forex trading which people have been obsessing for through this best forex broker list vietnam.