Top 5 eCommerce Trends for 2020

E-Commerce Web Design

1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence dominates the world of ecommerce in a beneficial way. You will be amazed to know that the best online ecommerce platforms in Malaysia know how to integrate different artificial intelligence tools in their platforms. Not using AI as a part of your strategy is a mistake. Use it to automate menial tasks for your business, so your effort and time can be
focused elsewhere.

2. Video marketing

The digital landscape is now full of influencers and social media stars. If you are looking in for a new strategy to use, you must learn from these influencers. Most of them use engaging videos to market their brand. Use videos to introduce your products, and at the same time provide instructions on how to use them. Never underestimate the value of a good video strategy.

3. Personalized offerings

Give your customers more personalized services. The key to this is a good CRM system. It is a powerful customer management tool that can enable you to deliver personalized services to every client. Through this, you can use the online form builder to make contact forms that you can embed on your product pages.

4. Flexibility

Offer some flexibility when it comes to online payment methods. The more payment options you offer, the more successful your online business will be. The payments must not be limited to debit card or credit card, and PayPal. These are not sufficient options in the long run.

5. Voice search

People love buying products online, but in order to get their attention, you need to keep up with
their requirements. Do you know that most consumers are being accused of being lazy? Because of the recent advancements in the digital field, we are relying more and more on voice search. Providing a voice search option to your ecommerce platform can result in an increase in sales.