website design agency in malaysia

Website Design Malaysia Prices, Cost and Packages info – 2021


It’s a frequent assumption that website design in Malaysia costs a lot of money. This notion encourages many organizations to choose low-cost, low-quality web designers.  Although, many organizations end up anticipating results that are comparable to those of their competitors. These competitors, on the other hand, have put a lot more money into developing their websites. So, how much should you really pay to construct a website in Malaysia? Lets walk through and see the price range between every content. 

The domains

Even though domains are not a website design Malaysia price, it is a cost you need to pay for it to own a website. For example, by just simply putting a domain name, and it became  the name of your website. The domain name of Facebook’s website is, while Google’s is 

The typical cost of a domain in Malaysia ranges from RM60 to RM120 plus, depending on the domain type. Please keep in mind that these are the costs provided that the domain is not currently owned by someone else.  

According to Exabytes, a ‘.com’ domain will cost roughly RM60, a ‘’ domain will cost around RM80, and a ‘.my’ domain will cost around RM120. 

Websites Hosting 

Website hosting is a service that enables you to publish your website files onto the internet. For more specific explanations, the major factor of website speed is the quality of your website host. There are basically two specs for the hosting with two different types and prices. The first one is low specs which only cost around RM200 per year, while the other one is advanced, costly around RM2,900 per year. Sources from Exabytes. 

website design agency in malaysia

Web Design 

One of the most important factors influencing the typical cost of website design agency in Malaysia is the number of pages that must be designed. Firstly, to rank highly in SEO and get a higher volume of visitors, will need a much larger website with more pages that target many keywords and key points. In Malaysia, the average cost per page is RM250 to RM400 and above. Meaning the website design Malaysia price for a 12-page website should be roughly around RM3,000 to RM4,800. The lowest budget price for a web page is rm200 per page. 

Average business/e-commerce website will mainly consist all this combination of the following web pages: 

  1. Home / Landing Page
  2. About / Company Profile
  3. Services / Products
  4. Service Pages
  5. Product Pages
  6. Blog / News
  7. Article Page
  8. Pricing / Plans
  9. Store
  10. Cart
  11. Checkout
  12. Contact Us
  13. 404 Error Page

Copywriting Services 

Since a web designer is mainly responsible for just the layout and template design of your website, you may need to pay an additional cost to write the content for your website. The average cost per word for hiring an external copywriter in Malaysia is RM0.30 to RM0.50 plus. Because the average amount of words per web page is 400, specialized copywriting services for a 12-page website in Malaysia would cost between RM1,440 and RM2,400. Conclusion, these are all the basic packages and the latest price.