Why Protecting Data Privacy Is Important


These days, almost every company has a website to expand their business more effectively and quickly by advertising their products and services on popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and many more. Users of these social media platforms would have little control in influencing how these advertisements appear as they would have options to hide the advertisements from their feed. In most cases, users on Youtube would install an adblock extension on their web browser to automatically block advertisements, which can impact most channels’ way of generating income. 


Despite the advantages that our modern technology provides to business companies, it also provides hackers more tools to attack their targets by creating multiple software to adapt and penetrate through most defenses. In order to receive the best security, most companies would hire a top penetration testing company in malaysia to ensure that they will receive a top tier security and prevent any potential attacks in the future. These companies will conduct a test internally and externally to analyze and identify the vulnerabilities within their client’s system to fortify their defenses more effectively. 


Alternatively, some hackers would pose as a major company to trick their targets into clicking a link they provided, which provides them access to their private data. Either way, a hacker’s goal is to obtain their target’s private information to use it as part of their scheme to message the target’s family and friends, which they will continue to repeat and gain more access to their victim’s private data. In most cases, hackers would use their victim’s personal data and deceive them into paying a large sum of money to “pay off their debt”, which is most commonly targeted to the elderly who are unfamiliar with how technology works or not experienced enough to identify scams and differentiate them from the legitimate companies. One of the only ways to prevent such happenings is to doubt every link you receive, unless you can identify if the link came from the appropriate website or email address. However, there are many ways to prepare yourself and protect all of your accounts if you accidentally click on the link such as changing your password on everything, changing your credit or debit card number, replacing your main email and many more. 


Despite that, hackers will always find ways to create software to penetrate through any defenses they encounter. The advancement of technology has provided them with advanced tools that would help them do a pentest on their own, which they are able to develop a software to exploit the vulnerabilities and sneak through their target’s defenses. This can be found in a recent accident on Facebook where millions of accounts were obtained by a 3rd party, which the founder, Mark Zuckerberg, would have to answer the court to clarify Facebook’s purpose as a social media application. After that, Facebook has seen a downfall in its popularity as many users even today feel unsafe to continue using Facebook, although they are still using leisurely browsing through the app.


Although many Facebook users are aware of the danger of their privacy data being leaked, they are still relying on Facebook to kill their boredom. This is because despite having other social media apps like Twitter and Instagram, Facebook has been around for almost two decades and is more accessible to everyone regardless of their age. The content, group pages, and group chats that Facebook offers cannot be beaten by any other social media apps, although other apps appeal towards a niche target users.


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