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Top 3 Hobbies To Keep Your Hands Busy

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Despite this modern era where people are hyped about hobbies related to the use of technology, there are always options for change. Instead of learning how to design a website through website design company malaysia during your free time, perhaps it’s time to try something new. This means that you have to put your smartphones and gadgets aside so that you can pick up hobbies that would kill some time and also move your hands a lot. Sometimes, doing something different can be good for your mental health. This is because it could be refreshing to your mind since you are not looking at a screen for long even for entertainment purposes. 

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Thus, read on to the top 3 hobbies to keep your hands busy.


An activity they should definitely try is knitting. It is not surprising that they would be surprised such activity even existed in the first place. For those who did know about knitting, they might have thought of them as a traditional activity associated with the old ladies. This is unfortunate since there are many benefits to knitting. Besides the fact that knitted items like scarves and beanies make a nice gift for occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, there are many other benefits of this hobby. It can help to alleviate stress and calms the mind. This is because the repetitive and rhythmic movements  of knitting can be considered a form of meditation. This is good for the youngsters who might not be used to the idea of meditating and taking things slow due to the era they live in where everything goes around at a fast pace. 


Another activity to keep you occupied is by solving puzzles. There are many designs that you can choose from for puzzles. There are views of nature, movie characters and even anime. If you get bored from solving normal puzzles, then you can try giant puzzles where there are more than more than 1000 pieces you have to reassemble. More than that, putting the pieces of the puzzle together might take time but the sense of accomplishment after you complete it will be satisfying. It can even help in improving short-term memory and concentration skills. 


People have always been joking that this activity is for the old grandma since this ancient needlework takes a lot of patience and time in order to complete even one project. You can do something productive by doing embroidery since it requires you to focus and keep going at it until it’s finished. More people should try this since it can lower your blood pressure and alleviate stress. Embroidery enables you to have something to be done in a safe and calming space. It is amazing that it is a good form of therapy for those who have anxiety or anger management issues. Besides, the embroidery patterns are no longer fixed on flowers and animals these days. You can try many unique designs.

Last Words

In conclusion, here are the ultimate top 3 hobbies that would keep your hands busy to even remember about your gadgets. Try them out and have fun!